DIYBIKING.COM was started in 2011 as a bike build, bike life, and bike travel blog by Michael Norris, who discovered the joy of everyday cycling when he moved from rural New Hampshire to the city of Stamford, Connecticut in 2004. After becoming a fixture in the city's biking scene and being appointed to the state's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board, he moved to San Jose, California in 2015 (and has been a member of the city's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board since 2016).

When a person chooses to ride a bike instead of taking a car, he or she helps  the environment they and their neighbors live in. When a person goes out of his or her way to help make a street better for bicycle users, the whole community slowly changes to a better place. When a person donates time or money to a bike based charity, the world of the most vulnerable bicycle user becomes better. 

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