What is Box Bike by DIYBIKING.COM?

Box Bike by DIYBIKING.COM (formerly Box Bike Collective) is a Dutch-style cargo built in the Bay Area for the Bay Area. 

The steel comes from Milpitas. The canvas sides and child seats are sewn by a guy named Vince in Santa Cruz. The powder coating is done by 50+ year-old RC Refinishing in San Jose - which is also where the bikes are individually hand-crafted. 

If you've ever looked at how people get around in other countries and wondered "why can't I do that?" Box Bike by DIYBIKING.COM is your answer!

"The Box Bike Experience"

Rent the Box Bike by DIYBIKING.COM! $250 gives you one week of riding an unforgettable, hand-crafted cargo bicycle. If you decide you want to buy the bike $250 will be applied as a credit to the purchase price. If you find a Santa Clara County friend who will rent the bike when you're done, you get $50 back. Contact for details!

What Makes Box Bike Different?

Each Box Bike is individually made using as many local suppliers as possible. Dual steering rods keep the control predictable.  The child's seats and sides can be removed to carry other loads. The PVC plastic floor (bent with a $40 heat gun and brute force) makes the cargo bed easy to clean. The brakes and included mounting points make the bike e-assist compatible - so if you want to get a DIY e-assist system, it's ready for you!